The project I have been working on: FLATLINE has been a work in progress for some time now; inside my mind. I know it may upset and feel disrespectful to some people. I know I will probably lose friends and business over it, someone told me; "this is either going to make or break your career". I can no longer go on believing this should be something left in the dark. One thing I want people to understand is that mental illness and addiction is not something small, it's a real topic that is swept under the rug and it's a dark path that people go down. I want to shed light on the real issues, I want people to relate and to understand that they're not alone, how can I do that? I have created a series of images recreating trauma/struggle/addiction that are as real and emotional as it gets, there will be a story linked to each image from someone who reached out to me and took the time to explain what they've gone through in life. It hurts, I know. But It hurts more when you bottle it up inside. The emotion you will witness is real, the struggle is real and the situation is real. The stories are remarkable because they're still alive to tell it. I'm so happy I could share this with all of you. It took a lot out of me to create this series, mentally and physically. Thank you. 


Commit to letting others speak about their suffering. Believe them when they say they’re hurting.


If you or someone you know is struggling through any sort of trauma and thinking about ending their/your life,

please reach out to someone, anyone.

You're worth more than that, you're not alone.

 - Shawn Caution




(password: awareness)